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Jetta (1952) #5


The most peculiar thing–so far–about Jetta is how Dan DeCarlo comes up with these wonderful futuristic references, whether it’s Venusian swamps or something else. It doesn’t fit the rest of the book in some way… as otherwise, Jetta is just a romantic comedy comic. The way DeCarlo gets those references in is just fantastic, really making his future setting seem bigger than it would appear.

This first issue–the numbering had to do with the appearance of being a successful title–establishes Jetta and some of her supporting cast. DeCarlo doesn’t see interested in the high school cast after the first (of three) stories. Instead, it’s all about Jetta and her moron boyfriend, Arky.

The comic frequently shows its age; for example, Arky isn’t just a moron but an unsympathetic lout too.

Luckily, reading Jetta is more about DeCarlo’s great art. It’s just wonderful, with some amazing panels.

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  1. Love the way you’ve mixing it up lately, gives the column a fresh, wider appeal I think. You really ought to get them to post you over at CBR. Most of those guys reviewing wouldn’t know a good comic if it hit them in the face. A recent review of Secret Avengers #2 was so off the mark I wondered if the critic had actually read the comic, and if so, what was the criteria for his analysis? A decent customer of mine with little to no interest in dissecting comics told me it was such a poorly written comic he stopped buying it, despite his respect for Brubaker and liking to read The Avengers.

    So what passes for comics criticism these days are favorable reviews of mainstream titles to keep the flow going between a website and the big two? Thanks for at least giving me the opportunity to respond to your work, unlike some columns where they don’t even invite response, you are unique and open in both your writing and viewpoints. Keep up the good work!

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