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Muppet King Arthur (2009) #3


And the need for an overall narrative–or at least plot progression–finally catches up. The comic even opens with it, as Kermit (as Arthur) complains to his knights about their lack of activity. They’ve just been sitting around since the last issue.

So off they go looking for the Holy Grail. Muppet King Arthur might be one of the loosest adaptations in the ‘Muppets in popular, public domain literature’ genre, but it’s not like King Arthur really has a good four issue story in it. Taking that difficulty into account, this series’s approach makes sense.

But it’s also funnier without all the Arthurian drama. For example, Mordred–Kermit’s nephew Robin–is against him for not being taken seriously. Similarly, Piggy’s Morgan Le Fey is Arthur’s romantic interest, which works well.

Lots of good jokes, some great full page gag sequences….

I just wish there wasn’t only one more issue.

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