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The Muppet Show (2009) #2


Langridge gives himself a difficult task with his Fozzie issue. He has to make a comic about Fozzie getting funny again. Fozzie, of course, is painfully unfunny.

The issue opens with Fozzie bombing, then we move through the standard Muppet sketches (some featuring Fozzie, some not) and Fozzie’s attempts at reinventing his comic style. So it’s funny to watch these incredibly awkward failures–and the various Muppets’ responses to them–while still being (humorously) concerned with Fozzie’s predicament.

Unfortunately, Langridge’s conclusion is convoluted. He references an earlier sketch–Honeydew bringing a piece of cheese to life–and it reads like the cheese had something to do with Fozzie’s comedic rehabilitation.

But, as Langridge reveals the solution to Fozzie’s comedy problems (he shows the success in a traditional way… the reader walking in on the end of the joke), he ignores the cheese’s comments….

It’s good, but needed a tighter edit.

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  1. C’mon…edits on a BOOM tile? pul-leese! Just be greatful they’ve got Landridge…

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