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Spider-Man & the Secret Wars (2010) #1


I wish I remembered Secret Wars a little bit better, not enough to go read it again, of course. What Tobin’s doing with this series–it’s a retro book masquerading as an all-ages book; if it really were an all-ages book, I don’t think Patrick Scherberger would be going so far to show how eye holes in masks really do show off a lot of face around the eyes.

Anyway, what Tobin seems to be doing is retelling Secret Wars with a more immature Spider-Man. Maybe it’s a post-“One More Day” or whatever it’s called now story, because he seems young and… maybe a bit Ultimate influenced.

Tobin does a decent job with it, showing how Spider-Man’s take on things doesn’t really compare to Captain America’s or even the Hulk’s, he’s just not enough of a grown-up.

So–not faithful to continuity, but okay.

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