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Spider-Man & the Secret Wars (2010) #2


Tobin switches gears here (and breaks continuity with his first issue, no less) with an untold Secret Wars story. It’s the kind of aside I’m not sure ever would have occurred to Jim Shooter as he was writing the originals (or whatever his scripting is called… not sure writing is an appropriate term). It’s about Ben Grimm (having lost the Thing powers) and Spider-Man teaming up with Dr. Doom to save Denver. Denver being on the Beyonder planet. Except in the origin, I think it was a part of Denver, not the whole city. But whatever.

It’s an effective story. Doom is calculating, Grimm is experienced, Spider-Man is funny. Ben and Spidey meet a bunch of regular people (Tobin’s Denver is a lot more racially integrated than the actual Denver, but maybe the Marvel Universe is a nicer place to live); bonding and humor ensue.

It’s decent stuff.

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