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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #7


And another half issue. Probably takes about three minutes to read. It’s not like Bagley’s art is something to be examined either, so Bendis and Marvel must have been pretty darn clear about what they were doing with this format. I mean, nothing happens… the fight finishes.

Again, some interesting elements, of course. I mean, the NYPD trying to murder Spider-Man (it’s attempted murder when you try to kill someone right?) is a little shocking; unfortunately, it doesn’t appear Bendis is going to follow up on it at all.

The Peter narration returns (they’re thought balloons, why can’t the thoughts just be in balloons) and there’s a nice wrap-up to the whole issue and event. Bendis tries very hard to give the comic book a cast, which is nice, but I just wish… there was more to it.

These issues are better read without pause in between them.

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