Thor: Tales of Asgard 2 (July 2009)

Included in this issue (and the previous one) are some Marvel Universe entries relating to Thor and Asgard. It’s sort of amazing to see where everything stemmed from these stories (well, not just these stories, but in part these stories). Lee’s storytelling is somewhat reductive. It’s a big world he’s telling a story in, but he concentrates his attention on a single item. There aren’t subplots (there isn’t room for them).

So, on one hand, it appears he’s retelling old Norse myths, but on the other–maybe not clear to contemporary readers of the material–he was laying groundwork for something much bigger.

All the above noted, I’m still a little mind-boggled with the Asgard stuff. It’s just too much information to digest and it’s not clear how one can apply it.

Lots of good material in this issue… though I now understand why people dislike Vince Colletta’s inks.


When Heimdall Failed; inker, George Roussos. Balder “The Brave”; inker, Vince Colletta. Balder Must Die!; inker, Colletta. Trapped by the Trolls!; inker, Colletta. Banished From Asgard!; inker, Colletta. The Defeat of Odin; inker, Colletta. The Secret of Sigurd!; inker, Colletta. The Coming of Loki!; inker, Colletta. Writer, Stan Lee; penciller, Jack Kirby; colorist, Matt Milla; letterer, Art Simek; editors, Lee, Cory Levine and Mark D. Beazley; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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