Superman vs. the Terminator: Death To The Future (1999) #4


Will Lex Luthor create Skynet? Will Lois Lane’s husband get jealous of her ogling Superman? Will Alan Grant get credit (and residuals) for coming up with the name Terminatrix? No to all three, I believe, unless Dark Horse and DC start doing these crossovers again.

It’s strange the epilogue cliffhanger for the series–Lex Luthor is going to take over the world–is something DC couldn’t follow up on without Dark Horse’s permission and participation….

They probably went that route to make the series feel a little less like a complete waste of time. Did it work? No.

Worse, Perkins is back inking Pugh and the art’s even sloppier than before. I feel bad because I only read the comic because of the Pugh artwork and it’s so weak, I’ve done little but comment on it (and mock the series as whole, but, really, what else could I have done?).

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  1. vernon wiley

    Again, you have the Brits here fulfilling duties as they would a common British comic, which is to say with a level of professional competence, but with very little personality or flair. Cranked out, but at a level better than their American counterparts. British comics for me are always decently produced, but many of them lack soul. Placing Supes and the Terminator as leads, and you have the classic formula for creating mainstream comics, but this provides very little reason for reading them.

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