The Ultimates (2002) #13


So all Millar needs is a double issue and he’ll take time?

Well, he doesn’t exactly take time. He writes an epilogue… lots of epilogues.

It’s a decent issue, a good popcorn read… though, wouldn’t eating popcorn while reading a comic book get your fingers greasy and damage the comic, reducing the value.

The positives come from the characters; again, Captain America doesn’t qualify yet and the Wasp does a turnaround on him and the end suggests some nooky (I guess he doesn’t know she’s a mutant yet… again, the hospital didn’t notice the little eggs?), so maybe next series he’ll have a character.

Great stuff with Thor and Iron Man, at least during the battle scene. However, Tony hitting on Laura Bush is, not surprisingly, weak. Millar really forces his “real world” humor and it almost always fails.

The Hulk saving the day, while neat, is way too easy.

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  1. vernon wiley

    One thing I’d like to add is the difference in perception when reading these all in a row as you have done, and the way they were issued initially, which started having longer breaks between issues as they progressed. By the time the second half were published, there was a two to three month gap between them. If memory serves me correctly, these gaps actually made the books more even(?) in their usage of time and space. Perception being what it is, I believe the ever larger gaps made the reads more plausible as your desire to read them made the roller coaster ride more punctuated and spread out. Strange, but that’s how I remember them

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