Crossed (2008) #5


I don’t think a single Crossed appears in this issue and given the previous issue ended with the Crossed targeting Cindy (she’s the leader woman) and Stan (I think the narrator’s name is Stan, nearly positive). Instead, Ennis spends the entire issue on the characters. There’s some more flashback, but it’s revelatory here, about the characters, not about events.

So, while I’m way too burnt to be surprised by the level of violence or terror–one character refers to the Crossed as “killer rapist cannibals,” which seems both redundant and somehow not–I can be surprised with Ennis doing a life-affirming issue. It’s not life-affirming in the general, human sense (Ennis doing those stories is rare), but it’s an exceptionally positive return-to-nature feeling… along with humanity being, essentially, a waste of space. So, very Ennis.

The issue’s lovely. Too bad Ennis is going the kill everyone.

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