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Crossed (2008) #3


I don’t think I’ve seen zombie kids. Ennis doesn’t do zombie kids. Ennis does something else entirely.

I was a little apprehensive about reading the third Crossed because the first two had been such uppers, but I think I’m numbed. He kills a bunch of kids here. There’s where he’s going with Crossed apparently; there’s not some sweeping narrative, it’s just the awful stuff people do to survive.

Only, he raises the question here, is killing the kids an awful thing? They’re little murderers, preying on living people, not the Crossed (the zombies). It’s Shirley Jackson on acid; not unbelievable. It makes sense, really, the situation. I’m not sure why Ennis is the first to have thought of it. Maybe he’s just the first to have written it down.

Crossed, for all its blood, gore and torture, isn’t sensational.

It’s quiet. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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  1. Yes, despite the subject matter, Crossed is not about “zombies”. Seems like Ennis is generally making points about modern civilization and using the “catastrophe” to accelerate the natural demise of mankind and it’s modern systems. There will be a really nice look at an armed forces side of things and the finale definitely puts Crossed in a different perspective of “horror” comics. In some ways, the virus acts as a catalyst for the individual stories Ennis wants to tell, much in the same manner of his Punisher stories. Enjoy.

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