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I Am Legion (2009) #1


I have almost no idea what this comic book is about. I mean, it’s about World War II, I can gather that much, but the eventual content… the story? No idea. It’s a mystery, a supernatural thing, a war thing with Nazis. A war thing with the French resistance… I don’t know. It’s got John Cassaday artwork and, while I’m not a big fan of his work or his covers (they’re so lifeless they put me to sleep), I guess it’s good.

The book came out here because of Cassaday, so at least he should be a compelling component and it’s certainly good looking in parts. It’s a little static at times, his design-based illustrating coming across a little much for me in what’s supposed to be a visual narrative… suggesting movement.

It appears, from the end of the issue, to be a detective story.


I like those.

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  1. Legion is a work of several layers, it’s so subtle in change of scene at times you have to pay attention to the colors to know what time period you’re experiencing. I hope to reread these puppies in linear order someday to get a better grasp of them.

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