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The Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson (2009) #2


This issue has almost no Muppet Show stuff, as in sketches. Instead, Langridge is developing the Peg-Leg Wilson story. It’s a different, very successful approach (I just expected him to open the series with it). This issue is more akin to one of the Muppet feature films. There’s lots of plot.

There are a couple sketches and both work, but instead Langridge’s asides are just nicely presented single page emphases on certain characters or events (Scooter’s investigation into Kermit or the search of Animal’s replacement).

The issue ends on a strange note, like something’s been resolved, even though it hasn’t (except the Kermit mystery). I wonder if Langridge is going to solve on mystery an issue, though I suppose the Animal changing isn’t actually a mystery.

The best thing about the comic is the nuance. Langridge suggests, never says, Animal is scared he ate one of the stage rats.

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