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Assault on New Olympus (2010) #1


Marvel dumped the Hulk from his own title to give it to Hercules? Hercules?

He’s an idiot. Reading this special, the Hercules part, is like watching a moron bumble through some superhero adventures; it’s so stupid, it’s sad.

Also sad is the artwork, Rodney Buchemi is a practical–since when did Marvel decide it was all right to run these amateurs on their B-titles. This guy isn’t ready for a Fruit Pie advertisement, much less a lengthy comic book.

His Hercules is just goofy, but his Peter Parker is just awful.

And, as my first unmarried Spidey book in a while… wow, de-aging Peter Parker is a terrible, terrible idea. The character flops.

Unfortunately, the Agents of Atlas backup flops too. It’s too short a story for Parker to really establish anything; instead, it’s just a series of events. It’s not even clear Venus is brainwashed.

Very disappointed.

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  1. Well, gosh, I hope you didn’t actually BUY this puerile piece of trash…

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