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The Mighty Thor (1966) #363


Is this my first issue of Thor? It might be, at least as an adult. I thought there was a miniseries I read, but probably not. I’ve always just assumed they sucked.

I mean, I don’t all of a sudden love Thor or something; it’s still really wordy and obnoxious and not even when it’s just Thor talking, Simonson has some really talky narration. And even with the lame story from Secret Wars II continuing–the Beyonder gave a Thor villain infinite power to see if the villain would be happy after killing Thor–and the Power Pack showing up (did Simonson and his wife coordinate their Secret Wars II crossover issues, because they use the same storytelling techniques), there’s something likable about this comic.

I think it might be Thor. He’s talks too much and is kind of obnoxious, but he’s a good guy.

Much better than I figured.

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