Robocop: Prime Suspect (1992) #4


It’s finally over. I’m sure no one thought, seeing this series, Leon would go on to do anything good. Or draw anything competently. I mean, the art in this issue is the worst so far. It’s absolutely atrocious. I guess Dark Horse was being mindful of Robocop as a children’s property at this time, which might explain the goofy artwork, but some of it’s worse than goofy, it’s just plain bad. For instance, the female sidekick, Leon’s rendition of her is laughable. She might as well have been a trapezoid with a wig.

There’s only action in this issue; it’s hard to tell what’s Arcudi’s fault and what isn’t. It’s terrible, but it’s a terrible approach to the property and not necessarily Arcudi’s doing.

See how nice I am, giving him the benefit of the doubt? It makes me feel better when I say kindergartners could make a better comic.

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