Batman and Robin (2009) #1

Bmr 1

How can Morrison infuse so much humor, so much idealism, in such a nasty story? The book’s full of that buoyant Dick Grayson positivity, which is what makes his scenes with Damian so funny, but it’s juxtaposed with the serious negativity of the Pyg story.

See, the issue opens with the Toad and his threats and the Toad’s funny and nearly cute. When the Pyg shows up at the end with his zombie-masked people, it’s a definite departure from what one might expect. It’s rough, whereas the scenes between the Bat-Family are cute–I mean, Damian treating Alfred like a servant? It’s hilarious.

Batman and Robin is also decompressed Grant Morrison. There’s not a lot of talking, there’s a whole bunch of big panels and full-page spreads. It’s a commercial comic book to be sure, but a subversive one. Besides the Quitely art in general, I mean.