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The Life and Times of Savior 28 (2009) #4

S28 4

You know the all-action issue, where it’s just a fight scene dragged out to twenty-four story pages? This issue of Savior 28 is a mostly-torture issue. I can’t remember much of what happens except the narrator–Dennis, the government stooge–and Savior 28 finally talk. But there’s the whole backstory thing still going on, with more of Savior 28’s history.

DeMatteis likes doing this revisionist look at superheroes–he did it with Hero Squared, only comedically–but the guy’s not a hack, he’s not piggy-backing on other people’s work (with Savior 28 being a Superman and Captain America amalgam), he’s commenting on the whole superhero comic book medium. These books are a lot like Grant Morrison trying to incorporate all elements of Batman’s history, or Superman’s, into the modern version. Except Savior 28 readers aren’t going to be mainstream readers.

I hope DeMatteis finishes well.

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