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Rawbone (2009) #1

Rawbone 1Why does Delano spell pirates “pyrates”? It’s kind of annoying. Actually, it’s really annoying, because it’s about the only thing I don’t like about Rawbone #1. The comic’s not up to Avatar’s usual graphic extremes, which raises the question–as always–why Delano didn’t try selling Rawbone to Vertigo. It’s a period piece about a star-crossed lesbian romance. There isn’t a single male character who isn’t something of a monster in the issue.

I’m not complaining, mind you. Rawbone‘s a fine comic so far (and at four bucks for twenty-four pages of story, I’m picky) it just seems like it could reach a wider audience (even with the heavy anti-Catholic sentiment of the story).

Fiumara’s art is good–he nicely makes the ample nudity uncomfortable, like there’s something ominous about it. We never get to see the two not in some kind of danger.

A fine start.

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