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A Walk Through Hell (2018) #4


So, this comic has an editor (Mike Marts). He looked at this script and said, “yep, that’s a comic.”

Here’s the story: FBI agents Shaw and MacGregor are sitting in the hell warehouse, where Shaw is going to tell MacGregor a secret about their investigation into a child murderer. There’s going to be a scene where Shaw reminds MacGregor he helped her frame the guy, which should be some kind of reveal but isn’t because writer Garth Ennis’s script is plotted so poorly. But the whole thing is about Shaw telling MacGregor something he doesn’t know and him telling her everything she’s telling him he already knows.

Spoiler, no spoiler: she never gets around to telling him anything new this issue. She just reminds him of various events he participated in or witnessed, while he protests he already knows all about them. Over and over again.

It’s not decompressed storytelling, it’s not a bridging issue, it’s craven water-treading. I guess it’s only a four-dollar comic. For some reason, I was expecting it to be five dollars for absolutely nothing.

I guess there’s some decent art from Goran Sudžuka. Still, it’s not four dollars worth of art, especially not when the story is telling you to hang on another month for what’s already going to be a scant detail and nothing actually important. Not the way this comic’s paced.

It’s not a good sign Ennis is doing a “blathering” issue four in. He obviously didn’t have enough story for twelve issues, but does he even have enough for six. It’s not tripe; Sudžuka’s too good, and Ennis’s writing on a handful of scenes is okay. It’s just literally, intentionally a waste of time and money.

There’s not even a police procedural angle because Shaw’s not narrating it for expository reasons—MacGregor already knows it all, and she knows he knows it all. I hope the creators at least enjoyed whatever they bought with their paychecks since they didn’t give a crap about the comic they were making.

Hey, maybe next issue. But, also, maybe not.

If Ennis keeps it up another seven issues, though, just more and more filler, it might be impressive. Like as a gag.

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