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Fear Case (2021) #3

Fear case 3

Wait, Fear Case only runs four issues? I thought it ran five.

Unfortunately, having one less issue and doing a double-decker bridge issue with the penultimate one is even worse than doing a double-decker bridge issue in the middle of a five issue series.

There’s some fine art. Tyler Jenkins gets to do… well, he gets to do some apartment buildings, a bar, some desert. A warehouse. Nothing particularly exciting or heavy lifting, but it’s always good art.

The story has one of the Secret Service agents losing track of the other Secret Service agent on the last day they’re supposed to do the “Fear Case” case. They went out and got drunk the night before because it’s easier to get drunk than do work (the “cops getting shitfaced and bemoaning their lack of progress” trope doesn’t age well in the Internet-era because it just means they don’t know how to do their job).

After a talky opening, writer Matt Kindt decides he’s not going to really do dialogue the rest of the issue, having the not missing agent literally have a one-sided conversation to avoid him getting any closer in his investigation, while the missing agent has an almost one sided conversation for effect. It’s one of those “well, you’re three issues in already, what are you going to do” bridging issues—Kindt splits the narrative between the two agents so he can get two cliffhangers in two different storylines, despite the series only having the joint agent perspective until now—and it undoubtedly will read better in the trade.

And the art’s nice.

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