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Kubrick // One-Point Perspective (2012, kogonada)

The Star Gate, with guides, in KUBRICK // ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE, a video essay by kogonada.

In a couple minutes–less, actually–kogonada takes the films of Stanley Kubrick and one of their shared elements, the titular One Point Perspective, and runs a bunch of them together. The short is of particular interest for what’s missing and, assuming kogonada is thorough (after watching Perspective there should be no doubt), one can see the technique is one Kubrick developed. Of Kubrick’s early films, Paths of Glory gets the only memorable inclusion.

But the short doesn’t just work as an examination of Kubrick. It could just as well be a brilliant advertisement for a new Blu-Ray set, as kogonada goes both for the emotions (the betrayal of The Shining) and the iconic (the monolith figures in often and effectively).

kogonada takes the viral film clip video, easily made and distributed, to a new level. Art about someone else’s art, made with recombinations of their art.

It’s spectacular.

3/3Highly Recommended


Edited by kogonada.


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