The Fuse 1 (February 2014)

295962 20140212211221 largeI should have known better to read The Fuse, I really should have. There are approximately two interesting things about it. First, the male lead–a late twenties black German guy (it’s the future, get with it)–is bigoted against old people and women. Luckily, his partner is an older Russian woman who I think Antony Johnston is hoping Helen Mirren plays in the movie.

Except Justin Greenwood draws the character a lot like Viggo from Ghostbusters 2.

That likeness is the second, and final, interesting thing about the comic book. Having nothing going for you except bigotry and odd likenesses isn’t much. I’m sure Johnston will deal with the bigotry thin but who cares. There’s no reason to stick around.

The setup–detectives on a rundown space station–isn’t bad. It almost feels like Outland at times but never does because The Fuse is awful.

Lousy dialogue too.




The Russia Shift, Part One; writer, Antony Johnston; artist, Justin Greenwood; colorist, Shari Chankhamma; letterer, Ed Brisson; publisher, Image Comics.

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