Dylan Edwards and Ellie Goulding star in TOM & ISSY, directed by Roger Michell.

Tom & Issy (2013, Roger Michell)

Tom & Issy is a particular brand of hideous.

Now, it’s really just a music video for star Ellie Goulding–and having a successful director like Michell do a music video isn’t a big deal, it’s how they’ve concocted this “short film” slash music video.

Oh, and it’s also an advertisement for Nokia phones and whatever version of Windows Phone runs on it. The short is entirely shot on one of these omnipresent phones; even though there’s a credited director of photography, I don’t know exactly what Gerry Vasbenter really did. The lighting is cheap HD natural lighting and the focus is awful.

At least editor Charles Jenkins ripped of some Pi style editing for an inane, obnoxious romantic comedy short.

It’s a truly unpleasant experience. Goulding’s just not a good actor, but Dylan Edwards (as her admirer) is really bad too.

Worse, the short’s not even bad in interesting ways.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Roger Michell; written by Stefan Georgiou and Sam Bern; director of photography, Gerry Vasbenter; edited by Charles Jenkins; production designer, Alice Normington; produced by Glynis Murray and Barnaby Spurrier.

Starring Dylan Edwards (Tom), Ellie Goulding (Issy), Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Eric) and Mark Bagnall (Stephen).


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