Doc Unknown 1 (2013)

Doc UnknownNot all of Doc Unknown is terrible. Ryan Cody’s designs are pretty good. The series feels a little noirish, with a Killer Croc knock-off as the villain (his design isn’t good) but it feels somewhat retro. The hero, Doc Unknown, feels very Republic serial. And Cody’s art isn’t terrible. At times, the comic at least looks professional.

Sadly, it never reads professional. Writer and creator Fabian Rangel Jr. writes some really bad dialogue. It’s not even bad expository dialogue. He can’t even write a greeting well. He also likes splitting sentences between panels to show ironic turns of events.

It’s the pits.

He also goes for every cheap trick he can find–actually, I think it’s more of a Hellboy with superheroes knock-off than Republic serial. He should’ve hired himself a competent writer.

The backup, about a different superhero suffering depression, is pretty dreadful too.

It’s bad stuff.


The Museum of Madness; letterer, Ed Brisson. The Ghost & The Time Machine. Writer, Fabian Rangel Jr.; artist, Ryan Cody; publisher, Believe in Comics.


  1. vernon wiley

    What is this? Digital stuff? If it is, I wouldn’t spend any more time on it if was actually printed on paper.

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