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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #64

Ultimate Spider Man  64

So Curt Conners let Ben Reilly know Peter Parker is Spider-Man? Wow, Ultimate Curt Conners is really a tool. Just when he at least tries to redeem himself, turns out he’s already set more damage in motion.

Bendis does some of his creative plotting, maybe to try to convince the reader Carnage has assumed Peter’s identity, maybe to kill a few pages. It doesn’t really matter. The issue’s mostly action and very fast-paced. Bendis’s twisting of the narrative just gives the reader a place to pause and consider what might happen next.

Most likely, an imagined conclusion would be more rewarding than what Bendis comes up with.

It’s not a bad conclusion, it’s just a predictable one. There’s nothing special about it. Everything special in the arc has already happened. Anything after the previous issue would be disappointing.

Though I wasn’t expecting the “Spider-Man No More” finish.

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