Tears of Steel (2012, Ian Hubert)

Maybe I’m not understanding the behind the scenes of Tears of Steel. I thought it was a sci-fi short made by users of the open source, freeware Blender CG rendering application. Apparently it’s not; it’s a sci-fi short made using Blender, crowd-funded by users. In the first scenario, there’s an excuse for the composites being atrocious. In the second (and actual), there isn’t. And these shouldn’t be difficult composites–director Hubert has exactly one decent shot in the entire ten minute short.

Sorry, twelve minute short. They tacked on two minutes end credits.

At times it seems like Hubert might take Tears somewhere at least visually interesting, then doesn’t. The acting could be worse–except Chris Haley, who’s unbearable–and Hubert’s writing is just lame, not terrible. Except the plot, it’s moronic.

Tears is lame and vaguely incompetent (and misogynistic). Its technical failings defeat its advertising goal.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Ian Hubert; director of photography, Joris Kerbosch; music by Joram Letwory; produced by Ton Roosendaal; released by The Blender Foundation.

Starring Derek de Lint (Old Thom), Sergio Hasselbaink (Barley), Rogier Schippers (Captain), Vanja Rukavina (Thom), Denise Rebergen (Celia), Jody Bhe (Djenghis) and Chris Haley (Techhead).

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