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One Wet Night (1924, William Watson)

A scene from ONE WET NIGHT, directed by William Watson for Universal Pictures.

One Wet Night is profoundly unfunny. It’s not terrible or anything, just not funny. It even might deserve points for having the idiot butler be a white guy (Bert Roach). But Roach is the butler to two more idiots, a couple played by Alice Howell and Neely Edwards. Wet is a great example why unsympathetic idiots don’t make good protagonists.

Howell gets top-billing in the short, but she has nothing to do. The only moment she gets to herself is the first scene. Then Wet switches between Roach and Edwards. Roach isn’t funny, but he’s genial. Edwards is neither.

Maybe if director Watson brought any personality to the short, it would go along a little: smoother. Unfortunately, every camera setup is mediocre (at best) and Watson can’t make the disaster humor funny.

One Wet Night plays like a spectacle of idiots, without giving them enough to do to amuse.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by William Watson; released by Universal Pictures.

Starring Alice Howell (The Wife), Neely Edwards (The Husband), Bert Roach (The Butler) and Tiny Sandford (A Guest).


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