A scene from DUO CONCERTANTES, directed by Larry Jordan.

Duo Concertantes (1964, Larry Jordan)

What do penguins and bees have in common? They both show up in Larry Jordan’s transfixing collage animation Duo Concertantes. I know, they’re also both animals too.

I’ve never seen any Jordan before and Concertantes might not be the best place to start, but it’s a phenomenal nine minutes. There’s practically a narrative for the first half, with one Victorian gentleman recurring through the scenes. These little prickly pods move through England, sometimes turning into butterflies, sometimes into luminescent bulbs. Set to some lovely classical music (probably one of the many pieces titled Dos Concertantes, but I don’t think the Stravinsky), the film is transcendent.

The most amazing moment is a small one. An astronomer looks into his telescope and the moon increases in size above him. It’s a stunning way of bringing the viewer in.

One minor complaint–near the end, it almost gets too tranquil and too hallucinatory.

3/3Highly Recommended


Animated and directed by Larry Jordan.


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