Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle 5 (October 2010)

Ennis is a cruel dude.

He becomes up with one of the better cliffhangers I can think of in the comic book medium, just because it plays with the reader’s hopes for the characters and his or her affection for them, but it doesn’t do anything dangerous so to speak.

Great cliffhanger (shame Jimenez isn’t up to par with it).

Otherwise, the comic is nearly sweet. It opens with Wormwood and his girlfriend having a heartfelt, then funny conversation. They’re hoping they can keep up the humor once they’ve got the baby. It’s touching, so Ennis later goes the other route with Pope Jacko explaining his take on humanity. It’s utterly hilarious.

The plotting of the issue is simply masterful. The reader knows something the characters do not and Ennis has a lot of fun delaying and distracting revelation.

I have no idea how he’ll finish up in one issue.

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