The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #1


Fraction and Brubaker do a nice double cliffhanger here. The first one isn’t really a cliffhanger because it’s just Danny Rand falling off a roof. We know he’s not going to die. Well, presumably, he’s not going to (he doesn’t).

But it provides a nice close to his part of the issue, while being able to tie it in to the opening of the issue. Brubaker and Fraction do this origin in motion of Danny–and the Iron Fist in general (which is important for the second cliffhanger)–to catch the reader up.

The present action of the issue is pretty small; the writers try to conceal it with flashbacks and flash forwards. Basically, Danny objects to something during a meeting, investigates it as Iron Fist, gets in a fight. They do a great job establishing Danny in the meeting and the fight’s fun.

And Aja’s art is a delight.

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