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Magnus, Robot Fighter (1963) #1

Manning neglects to establish one important point in Magnus‘s first issue. Are robots sentient? Evil or not, Magnus is smashing up a lot of robots here and the heroic little kids throw one off a roof just because they can.

It’s rather important. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, but the dying robots certainly seem to suffer.

Then there’s the matter of Leeja, who’s not mad at the robots for being evil, she’s mad they’re going to stop her from driving dangerously. She wants to be free to cause car accidents.

Manning’s art is really good–it has to be to overcome such exceptional logic holes–and Magnus is great to read. Manning’s future designs are great too, with his six panel a page system allowing for a lot of great visuals. The geography of this future is amazing; lots of people have, without attribution, borrowed from it.

Overall, it works.

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