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The Muppet Show Comic Book (2009) #0


I’m not sure why Boom! did a zero issue of The Muppet Show. Maybe to show off a different artist could illustrate Langridge’s scripts to good effect?

Paroline does a good job faking Langridge’s style, so much I didn’t even realize it wasn’t him until the second or third page. I just assumed he was being lazy because it was a zero issue.

As it turns out, he’s not being lazy. While the issue is a story within a story–Fozzie and Rizzo are trying to pitch a Pigs in Space movie and we get their disastrous pitch and the movie summarized–there’s a lot of the Muppet Show regulars. In fact, I think everyone shows up for a moment, except Rowlf and Scooter.

So, after thinking it was a strange thing to put forth as a zero issue, it turns out it’s a good sample of Langridge’s take on the Muppets.

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