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Unknown Soldier (2008) #6


The conclusion to the first arc is beyond depressing. It’s not just depressing because it showcases the futility of Moses’s quest (before the quest even starts), but because everything is revealed, in the end, to be futile. The good Moses has done is all for nought.

And the character accepts it and moves forward because it’s his place to move forward, which dehumanizes him almost completely–but through a conscious decision.

Like I said, depressing.

Dysart uses the same approach–the varied points of view–this time, but it doesn’t provide any relief here. It makes the issue somewhat more digestible, with the most horrific events occurring off-page.

I haven’t read further (I was rereading before continuing) so I don’t know what comes next. I can’t wait to see, since it seems like the story (just like the first issue did) has stopped.

Unknown Soldier is a fantastic comic.

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