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The Marvels Project (2009) #3


The Marvels Project, Epting or no Epting, all of a sudden seems like a bad choice for Brubaker. Why not get Jeff Parker, who loves doing revisionist stories of old characters. I suppose I made that suggestion thinking Parker would have more creative control, but even if he didn’t–did anyone think Brubaker was just clamoring to retell Marvels in more issues–at least Parker would show some interest.

I doubt anyone was really excited at the idea of retelling Marvels, but more, who wants to read a retelling of Marvels? That book isn’t old, isn’t out of print. It’s even concise. Marvels Project is not concise. And after the second Marvels series, who thought another one was a good idea?

The comic still doesn’t have a protagonist. It has a narrator but no protagonist. That condition might make it unique.

It appears to be a pretty waste of time.

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