From the Ashes 3 (August 2009)


Fingerman gets a little harsher here–Bill O’Riley is the evil superbrain who is killing conservative numbskulls and championing liberals (or Rile O’Biley as he’s known here)–and Fingerman makes some Tom Cruise being gay jokes, which is… dated.

The first issue presented the apocalypse as this walking tour the two main characters would be going on. Instead, Fingerman’s made it into a place where no one would want to hang around too long. It’s uncomfortable, pseudo-goofy humor. A lot of the jokes read like Kevin Smith jokes from “Mallrats,” actually.

And while I’m thinking about it logically–Fingerman has the story set in New York, but why wouldn’t survivors leave New York for more fertile lands to farm? At least go to Central Park.


Writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Bob Fingerman; editor, Scott Dunbier; publisher, IDW Publishing.

I think I laughed during the first issue. I’ve gotten to the point where I think I’m misremembering.

It’s a nap inducing bore too.


  1. vernon wiley

    This was a particularly painful series to read. I had followed Fingerman’s comics earlier, and had found them topical and well executed, if not state of the art. His characters had a freshness in them with a bit of depth and humility that these severely lacked. And don’t get me started on the chosen sepia-toned production color that made the surface look unfinished and quick. Very, very, sad, and I’m all the sorrier for it. I owe you a beer for this one. Bob has succumbed to the “I don’t have anything interesting more to say” club. Welcome.

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