From the Ashes (2009) #2


Come on, really? The edgiest humor Fingerman can get is even in the apocalypse there are a bunch of fundamentalist Christian jerks?

He introduces a whole lot this issue. I guess the open about the characters being the last people on earth is long over… they’re just the last normal people on earth. Here Fingerman introduces mutants, zombies and meth-head looking fundies (all fundies are only one meth hit away from meth-head anyway).

He tells Mel Gibson jokes and gay jokes and it just goes on and on and on, without ever being funny.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but something with some kind of bite. There’s a definite possibility for post-apocalyptical humor but this comic isn’t it.

That post-Rapture episode of “American Dad” was funny. This is not. Fingerman’s presumably shooting for a higher brow humor. But his jokes make me think otherwise.