USS Catastrophe

The Half Men (March 2013)

The Half Men is peculiar. Kevin Huizenga has three stories for it; the first involves this mythical land where every written word is transformed into the landscape. Very odd stuff. He doesn’t make it “realistic” so much as imaginative. The end may or may not imply it’s the brain. Then he does two stories retelling […]


A Pocket Guide to Pleasure (2013)

By the third page of A Pocket Guide to Pleasure, it becomes clear Kevin Huizenga is having fun. He’s not messing around and not doing work, but he’s having fun. The guide doesn’t really include any tips on what kind of form and content give pleasure, except this guide does give pleasure so maybe one […]


A Pocket Guide to Objects (2013)

What’s A Pocket Guide to Objects about? Guess what, not objects. Not really. Sort of. Maybe. The pamphlet or comic or book is itself an object, which Kevin Huizenga wrote while listening to Beethoven. A lot of the concepts he actually does discuss–I thought when he said “objects” he meant something simple like how to […]