Ultimate Vision

Ultimate Spider-Man 88 (February 2006)

I think John Dell took over inking. It has his name on the cover but not the interior credits, but the art looks totally different. There’s a long scene with May ranting about how much she hates Spider-Man (weak scene for her) and she looks totally different. As for the rest of the story, the […]


Ultimate Spider-Man 87 (February 2006)

The Flash Thompson thing is a somewhat funny distraction–Silver Sable kidnapped him instead of Peter–but it doesn’t make up for Ultimate Silver Sable being the worst villain in this comic since Geldof or whatever. Bendis tries real hard on her and her sidekicks too, which makes his failure more obvious. But this issue also has […]


Ultimate Spider-Man 86 (January 2006)

Maybe not everything should get an Ultimate version. For example, Bendis opens the issue with Ultimate Damage Control. Does there need to be an Ultimate Damage Control… probably not. But Bendis uses it for exposition and to frame his flashback. It’s okay enough. Except the arc’s not about them, it’s about Ultimate Silver Sable, who’s […]