Secret Wars

Spider-Man & the Secret Wars 3 (April 2010)

Can we get one introspective Spider-Man story without the burglar or Gwen Stacy? How’s this comic an all-ages book if you’ve got Gwen falling in it? It doesn’t seem like something a six year-old would really engage with. Anyway, more expanding and updating from Tobin here–Spidey talks text messaging, which they didn’t have in Secret […]


Spider-Man & the Secret Wars 2 (March 2010)

Tobin switches gears here (and breaks continuity with his first issue, no less) with an untold Secret Wars story. It’s the kind of aside I’m not sure ever would have occurred to Jim Shooter as he was writing the originals (or whatever his scripting is called… not sure writing is an appropriate term). It’s about […]


Daredevil 223 (October 1985)

Jim Shooter co-wrote this issue (the first Secret Wars II crossover I’ve noticed him work on) and it shows. There’s a lot of idiotic nonsense about the Beyonder trying to buy the world legally. Of course, what lawyer to go to for help? Matt Murdock. This issue might be my first Mazzucchelli Daredevil and, I […]