The Maze Agency 3 (1998)

It’s a rough, rough issue. First there’s the storyline. Barr does this whole Bettie Page thing with a magazine trying to find an old model. Three show up, so there’s the investigation to figure out who’s who–only two other private detectives show up besides Jennifer, one supporting each possibility. Then there’s the murder and that […]


The Maze Agency 2 (1998)

Barr finds himself a great setting for a murder mystery with this issue. It’s set at a monastery, apparently open as a tourist destination for New Yorkers who want to get away; there’s a period of silence thing, there’s a great visual setting. It all just works. The issue has two inkers–Ande Parks and Jason […]


The Maze Agency 1 (July 1997)

The Maze Agency returns in black and white and it really fits that format. The inherent moodiness offsets the genial romance stuff. The mystery itself is an odd riff on Brandon Lee’s death on the Crow set, which seems a little close to home in a comic book. Mike W. Barr does a direct continuation […]