7 Psychopaths

7 Psychopaths 3 (July 2010)

It finishes nicely. Though I would argue it needs another issue to really fill out. Vehlmann comes through here–the writing comes through–and it’s not all a bunch of names (though there is a sequence, a nice sequence, with a bunch of names and I had very little idea who the narration was talking about). Instead, […]


7 Psychopaths 2 (June 2010)

I wish they’d included a guide to the characters. I’m totally lost except the old guy and handful of others. I mean, I can’t remember their distinctive characteristics either. So there’s a problem…. Otherwise, it’s decent. I suppose this issue really had to establish whether 7 Psychopaths was going to be a decent limited series […]


7 Psychopaths 1 (May 2010)

It’s not like Sean Phillips doesn’t work. He does. He works steadily. But I still get an intense thrill out of seeing his new comics, like I haven’t seen them in a while or enough of them. 7 Psychopaths–which might be French, but feels a lot like The Dirty Dozen in terms of pacing (lots […]