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The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson (2018) #1

The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson is about a former superhero–Nick Wilson–who has lost his powers and has nothing going for him in life. He’s a pot head, which the comic says makes him a loser. He’s only got one friend, his scummy business manager. Everyone knows he used to be the world’s only superhero. Now he’s doing appearances at birthday parties as a Nick Wilson impersonator. It’s all very sad.

After the introduction, which culminates in a car accident, Nick goes out to lunch with his high school girlfriend (who he left in the lurch). They have a talking heads scene. Then some guy–presumably the son of Nick Wilson’s nemesis from superhero days–shows up to confront him.

Stephen Sadowski’s art is fine. His expressions are great. Marc Andreyko’s writing is fine. The conversations work well. It’s just real thin for a first issue. Especially of a five issue limited series.

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