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Redneck (2017) #7


Redneck starts its second arc jumping eight months ahead from the previous issue. The family is in hiding. JV is on guard duty 24/7, Bartlett is on punishment (of sorts), Perry is cheating at cards. New vampire Landry is learning the ropes but still not particularly welcome.

There’s a lot of exposition in the comic. Lots of vampire information. Not a lot of personality though. Bartlett narrates but without having anything to do in the comic, except chastise Perry once and pal around with Landry.

It’d probably be more engaging if Estherren’s art weren’t all of a sudden kind of lazy. His style hasn’t changed, he’s just not keeping the energy up with some of it. But he’s still great on other stuff. It’s uneven in a way he’s never exhibited before.

In just six issues, Redneck has gone from being exciting to not to exciting again to not again. This arc is off to a not exciting start.

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