[FYI] Stop Button Sum Ups

A couple months ago, I decided to think–again–about doing some kind of print publication of Stop Button posts. I’ve started multiple print collections over the years, as print-on-demand became feasible for the hobbyist. Nothing ever lasted. It was either too much work or the combination of too much work and too expensive. It was also hard to find the right medium.

A happy reader. Really.

But then I worked out the idea for Stop Button Sum Ups. I already knew what I wanted to collect–the longer summary posts. There were some questions to answer: how many summary posts, how often to publish, what format. My latest failed attempt at collecting all the blog’s posts informed some of the design work. Ripping off Video Watchdog on the size helped quite a bit. And Ka-Blam’s page limits and pricing structure informed the length.

The first Stop Button Sum Ups, discussing John Carpenter’s theatrical feature career, has a “Winter 2018” cover date. It’s going to be a quarterly publication. Next issue will have the Superman series and Edward Burns’s directorial career. I imagine it will fly off the shelves like everything else Ed Burns related.

This actual other happy reader even posed their Sum Ups.

Right now, you can get Sum Ups a couple places. First is through gumroad. You just order it. To be upfront, they’re at cost plus thirty percent. And rounded up to the nearest nickel. Not including shipping, of course.

You could also choose the Sum Ups tier on The Stop Button‘s Patreon site, which costs a little more–though barely when you throw in shipping–but also supports the site in general. You don’t have to Patreon. No one else does. But in case you do, it’s there. Or here, actually.

I thought about releasing digital versions but I haven’t found a way I like to present it. All the design is for print, not digital. Besides, The Stop Button is always online. Sum Ups is for when you need something to read in the john. Because no one brings their phone or tablet into the can with them.


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