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Black Hammer (2016) #12


David Rubín returns for another issue (maybe a few), with Lemire doing an origin story for Lucy Weber. The entire thing is flashback, starting when Lucy’s a kid (right after the heroes’ disappearance) and going until she starts investigating it as an adult. There’s some talking heads, some exposition, some foreshadowing; Rubín beautifully visualizes it all, making the final reveal–which is somewhat static–emotionally devastating. It’s a different kind of Black Hammer, but Lemire clearly knows how to do all kinds of them.

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  1. V Wiley

    While Lemire’s talents can easily take familiar elements and weave them into a contemorary narrative, he has yet for me to fully “pack” a comic with plot, enough to push him into the “master” section of comics writers. But he’s trying, as you still experience both the satisfaction of getting your moneys worth, as well as the “can’t wait” anticipation of the next issue. For now, that will have to be “good enough”. David Rubin’s candy sheen images only entice the eyes into elevating this story to must read of the week. Huzzah!

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