Black Hammer (2016) #10


Has Black Hammer not had a big issue lately? Because this issue gives me the “momentous reveal” chills I got reading the first trade. Lemire works the whole thing on multiple levels–you get big moment on a character level for Barbalien, but there’s also a whole “what’s the mystery of Black Hammer” thing going on. And Lemire juxtaposes those subplots against Abraham Slam’s story and flashback. It’s really good.

Wonderful Ormston art this issue too. The flashback is awesome, but the modern stuff is so melancholic and disheartening. Real upper, this comic.

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  1. V Wiley

    Dont forget the “big reveal” at the end that gives us a slight hint as to what actually might be going on here. And at the “end” of the second trade paperback too, no less. Lemire sculpts this story with an economy and efficiency not regularly found in todays reads. Wish I could find a big two comic that impresses with ten issues like this. An utterly mainstream story here that leaves you melancholy thinking about how good super team comics could be. Snif.

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