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Jessica Jones (2016) #4

Jessica jones  4

Someone’s killing capes. It’s good to see Bendis is as original as always. Besides an annoying talking heads sequence with Captain Marvel, this issue is probably the best one so far. Well, except the scene with Misty and Luke Cage talking about Jessica, that one was just cheap. I guess the last scene is okay. You know, wait–the more I think about the comic, the worse it seems.

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  1. V Wiley

    God, Bendis! Eighty pages and $16 later, we STILL only have the slightest inkling of a plot! A better writer would be much more impatient to show results than this, but like Dickens and Melville, Bendis seems determined to stretch this out as long as the audience has patience. I’m done. And Marvel really should get a refund from David Mack’s covers since the female on them doesn’t even resemble either the Jessica found within, or even the actress that portays her on the tv show. Dull and boring seems to be the message here. Who is she, anyway? One of Mack’s girlfriends whose portrait he dug up out of a drawer? Editing is truly the current lost art form in comic books, never mind writing and art.

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