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Jessica Jones (2016) #3

Jessica jones  3

It’s another non-starter for Jones. No “case” either, which makes the promotional materials referring to each issue as a case more annoying. Lots of boring talking heads with occasional PG–13 curse words. Bendis’s big reveal is weak, the art is boring (not Gaydos’s fault though).

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  1. V Wiley

    Bendis could of have some momentum here with the first new JJ story in years. Instead he asks continually more questions than bothering to answer, leaving the plot behind, which three issues in, is pretty annoying. I’ll continue on this for the first arc, but if he pulls another ending without a story in front of it, it’ll just be another reason not to take his work seriously. Twelve bucks invested, and there’s still not much going on I feel compelled to care about.

    And who’s this “mom” character anyway? It sure isn’t the mom she lost in an auto accident in her youth, and she isn’t the adopted mom from the tv series, either. By throwing both the comic and tv background off the bus, he’s given us yet another question that doesn’t seem relevant to the story. Is there even a story here?

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