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I Hate Fairyland (2015) #8


How much magic is there in I Hate Fairyland? An endless amount. Young’s reinvigorated on the book, with Gert doing a done-in-one where she tries to get out of Fairyland again. Does it work, does it not, doesn’t matter so much as the comic is actually moving. It might not be moving overall, but it’s giving this great “questing” illusion of moving.

Plus there’s the wacky video game fight sequence by guest artist Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz. It shows how well Young actually writes this book. The banter is just as good when the art style is completely different. Fairyland just fires on all cylinders.

I can’t even think of a complaint. It’s the perfect length, the ending is hilarious. I like this new approach to the comic–it’s Young not just giving readers what they want from Fairyland (namely Gert being a badass), it’s the best way to tell this story. Gert’s like Conan. Conan needs lots of adventures.

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